Making Obedient Leaders and Disciples for Jesus Christ


Class 1

This is for The Core Group - Foundations (60 Min): The Vision (Mission, Vision & Values), Faith, The Name of Jesus, Righteousness & Redemption, and Friendship & Fellowship With The Holy Spirit, Membership (by laws & Attendance) & Ministry of Helps, Tithes & Offerings

Class 2

This is for the Congregation Group - Freedom In Christ Study (30): The Good News, A New Identity, Living by Faith, Reshaping our Worldview, Living by The Spirit, Renewing the Mind, Battle for the Mind, Emotional Freedom, Forgiving from the Heart, Godly Relationships (God's way to operate in purpose & fulfill destiny), Serving one another & being served, Goals & Desires, Living on the Right Path

Class 3

This Is for The Committed Group - Discipleship & Evangelism Ministry, Outreach, Helps Ministry II

Class 4

This is for The Commissioned Group - Evangelism (Transformation model 4 steps, Ecclesia recolonization Acts 19:11) & Discipleship Ministry II, Outreach Ministry II and Planting Teams (4 Q's, Survey Teams)

Small Groups Learning & Discussion Topics

Overcoming Destructive Habits, The Power of Words (words, thoughts, images, feelings/emotions, decisions, actions, develop habits, shape character, leads to destination), Marriage & Matrimony, Family & Parenting (immediate & extended).